If your life partner is not living in the US and is not a US resident, he wants to have a life partner Visa to enter the country. To get this life partner Visa, you need to document a request with the Department of Citizenship and Movement for his benefit. After you get endorsement, your life partner can then get a KI life partner Visa from a US consulate or department office in his nation of origin. This endorsement is substantial for quite some time, giving you a lot of chance to finish the cycle for getting a life partner Visa. When you in all actuality do have the life partner Visa, you should become hitched inside 90 dates of the date the life partner Visa was given. On the off chance that the marriage does not happen or on the other hand if your life partner wedded another person, the K1 life partner Visa will be denied and he should leave the country.


In the event that your life partner expects to live and work in the US after he gets the life partner Visa, he needs to hold on until after you are hitched and apply for long-lasting residency. He can likewise apply for a work grant when he shows up or could get such a license simultaneously as the life partner Visa. Be that as it may, if your life partner does not mean to stay in the country, he should leave the country toward the finish of the 90-day time frame as specified by the life partner Visa. When you present the appeal and get endorsement, you will get notice of the documentation expected for a life partner Cong ty lam visa. You will likewise get every one of the vital structures you want for applying for the life partner Visa. Your life partner requirements to have a substantial identification with an expiry date that will consider something like a half year in the US with a life partner Visa.

Different reports expected for a life partner Visa incorporate a birth testament, passing or separation declarations if your life partner was recently separated or bereaved, police endorsements, a clinical test, proof of monetary help and photos. To get a life partner Visa, you and your life partner probably met something like once in the beyond two years. Nonetheless, this necessity for the life partner Visa is in some cases deferred in situations where it would make excessive difficulty organize this gathering or on the other hand on the off chance that such a gathering is not acknowledged in your way of life or religion. In the event that your life partner has unmarried kids younger than 21, these youngsters can likewise come to the US as a component of the life partner Visa for however long they are named in the first request.